Mohit Oberoi

Our promoter Mohit ‘Tiger’ Oberoi is a seasoned CEO/Director with over three decades of leadership experience in the "Risk Management & Asset Protection" industry, having led Risk assessments and Asset protection practices for high value infrastructure including land & real-estate for large corporations.

Tiger is now settled in Mukteshwar and has spent over half a decade in the Kumaon belt, understanding & experiencing the dynamics of residential land acquisition & development. 

Having started from scratch, Tiger has undergone his learning curve of land identification, qualification, validation & acquisition, followed by constructing his own home in Mukteshwar, over the last 6 seasons.

Capitalizing on his professional background, 'C' level leadership experience & the passion for mountains, he has structured "RealEye" with an aim to advise potential homeowners, on an efficient & effective roadmap to own their mountain home along with ensuring the right ROI. 

Obviously enabling this through a transparent & risk free advisory, qualification & verification methodology.