Contour Mapping: A Critical Land Qualification Criteria

Contour Mapping: A Critical Land Qualification Criteria
Contour Mapping: A Critical Land Qualification Criteria

The Criticality of Contour Mapping –


There are multiple factors that one needs to evaluate while qualifying land for purchase in the mountains. While the weightage one assigns to Location, View, Surroundings, Proximity, Access, Natural Resources, etc. can vary as per individual needs, preferences & budgets, the critical & prime weightage one should mandatorily assign to Contour Mapping should not be overlooked/Variated upon.


However & sadly, this critical qualification criterion is seldom appreciated and understood by prospective buyers and is neither explained by the sellers/agents while evaluating land for acquisition.


When I say weightage can vary on the few factors mentioned above, it is dependent on the buyer’s age, socio-economic profile, spirit of adventure and personal/professional references of solitude, etc. 


I have young clients, who don’t attribute too much towards proximity to critical infrastructure, and hence are willing to qualify land in the interior and remote hill areas, of course, driven by a budgetary parameter. 


I also have clients who are not driven by budgetary considerations but consciously want to acquire land on a remote hill/inside a forest to write/create in peace, away from the crowd. 


While on the other hand, many customers want the best the Hills lifestyle has to offer – view, neighborhood, proximity, access, etc. 


When it comes to qualifying land for their dream mountain home, to each their own!


But when I say there is a critical & prime land qualification criteria applicable universally irrespective of the above variating ones – that of Contour Mapping, it is the absolute fact. 


This single criterion has a direct impact on your cottage’s viability and sustainability, in and with the mountains.


We have termed this qualifier as a prime Techno-Commercial – GO/NO-GO decider in land acquisition 


Having witnessed customer spirits and dreams deflate on learning about the un-viability of constructing on their acquired land multiple times during these years, we at RealEye have given this the prime qualifier status – in the mountains.


I therefore explain to all my customers who approach us before starting the process of acquiring land for their dream mountain home in Kumaon, on the critical process of qualification we adopt tailoring variable criteria to their requirements and needs but of course, applying the prime non-negotiable – CONTOUR MAPPING EVALUATION as a standard.


For more details do check our other blogs also along with our services and a few testimonials & do join our FB group 


It will be a pleasure to advise you in your journey to own your dream mountain home in Kumaon.


We ensure “Rely-bility in Real-Estate” 


Warm Regards

Mohit ‘Tiger’ Oberoi

Managing Director,

RealEye – Kumaon



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